to The Evocatus Projekt
A Serious DayZ SA Server opened to all Serious Players
A Semi-RP Server, with great features!
Solitary survivor or member of a group, bandit or hunter, all types of survivors are welcome. KOS is allowed in combat zone or during "bandit day".
Some cool screenshots from the game
Player Statistics
Playing on our DayZ Server enable statistics for player. We track down some key action from your gameplay and show them on your dashboard and/or profile.

Player Score
Players earn Experience Points when playing on our server, in game actions of player are tracked down to increase or decrease the player score number.

A scoreboard showing the names and current scores of the leading players.The Leaderboard is reseted the first day of every month.

Mods installed
We have installed some very cool mods and developed others to add great features to the server. Check the full detailed mods list to know what to install before joining the server.

What is The Evocatus Projekt ?

The Evocatus Project (TEP) was an attempt to seize power by a part of the army to overthrow and replace the central government of Chernarus by a military junta.

We never really knew the identity of the sponsors of this putsch, we just know that this is a group of officers, having served several times in the various conflicts led by the country in recent years.

As the rebels regroup and take position within Chernarus, the first reports of personnel infected by a strange and unknown evil arrive at the General Staff.

The rumor is quickly confirmed when soldiers returning from patrol around Sinistok begin to show initial symptoms.

First, fever and cough, then bleeding and finally death...

Until they wake up ...

Server Main Features
  • Persistence: Backup & Restore in case of server crash
  • Mods : Trader, Disable Base Destruction, Build anywhere, Weapon Redux pack, ...
  • Server random events : Smugglers cargo, Zombies hordes, ...
  • Infected Zones: you need the proper equipment to explore an infected zone
  • Combat Zones : Earn Experience points in Player VS Player combats in all Combat Zones, ...
  • Safe Zones : Peace reigns in safe zones, take a break, some rest, meet people to trade, ...
  • New crafting recipes: build seachest, barbed wire, suppressors & more
Website Main Features
  • Powerful up-to-date Chernarus map with sharable markers
  • Live Killfeed
  • Player Experience points
  • Players Leaderboard
  • Player profile page with rating & comments
  • Player statistics
  • and more to come ...
The Evocatus Projekt is a DayZ SA Server opened to all fairs players.
Mods Required - Discord Server - GameTracker - Credits