Slog #02.07 : Hordes, StarterKit & server udpate

Long time since last slog, lots of work has been done, on the website & on the server, here is a quick list.

DayZ Zombie Horde

Created a custom Discord bot to push server status in a proper channel on the TEP discord

Added Mod : Trader from DR_Jones, still under configuration.
Added custom script : Zombies Horde, spawns randomly on the map.
Added custom script : Infected Zone. North side of Altar station radio is now toxic for players without proper equipment.
Added custom script : Starter Kits, when a new character spawns, it’s background is randomly chosen from a category (Military,Police,Fireman,Country,City,Medic, more to come), the chosen category defines the spawn equipment & location.
Map Modding : started integration of a new dynamic area in north Altar.

Home Page update, still under wip
Leaderboard page first integration
Started integration of Experience Points wiki page
added credits page
updated FAQ

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