About Experience Points

Every player of The Evocatus Projekt have a player score, this score is the value used to order the Leaderboard, it can be affected with bonuses & maluses from actions in game.

Player Profile
A correctly filled player profile gives you a significant bonus.

Player Versus Player
Killing a player can give you a bonus, if done correctly. To be valid, a kill has to be done in a combat zone. Any other kill will increase total malus, lowering your score.

As a player, you can achieve objectives, each achieved objectives increases your total bonus.

Unlocked Rewards
Each unlocked reward has an effet on you total player score. Most of rewards give you bonus, but some “dirty” rewards can also increase your total malus.

The Evocatus Projekt is a DayZ SA Server opened to all fairs players.
Mods Required - Discord Server - GameTracker - Credits