You have a question about the game server or the website, check the FAQ, many problems can be solved down there.

What is The Evocatus Projekt ?

The Evocatus Projekt or [TEP] is a fair DayZ SA Server opened to all fair players.
Players have to respect some conditions to play on the server, being a good & fair player is one of them.

We want to offer serious player a serious server, with cool features and connected to our powerful website where players have access to great features, like Experience points, Leaderboard, Killfeed, Profile pages, a map with all POI markers + player markers, sharable or private !

Game Server is hosted on a dedicated server rented at OVH.com, monitored using CFTools Omega.

Are there rules applied to the Game Server ?

Yes, and you must follow them, at any time ! The full list is available on the game server rules page.

We want a peaceful fight, you can kill as much player as you want, but do it the right way, or you’ll regret it.

it’s not because it’s the end of the world that you have to let go

Are there mods required to play on [TEP] ?

Yes, we have selected, tested and installed a bunch of mods, to enhance game experience mostly or to add some lacking content since version 0.63 of DayZ.
The whole list can be find in the required mods page.

Mods Collection on Steam

Is it required to login using Steam ?

Yes, each player profile on this website has to be matched with a unique player profile ingame. Using Steam to login to our website allow our script to track your game activity with the required accuracy.
We don’t get your steam credentials, all the login process is done on Steam website, and yes, it is secure.

Does the server has persistence enabled ?

Yes, and since the game can be a bit instable sometimes, we also have a persistence fix running. So your base and constructions should stay as long as you take care of them ๐Ÿ™‚

Does the server has a backup system ?

Yes, and auto restored in case of crash. We don’t want you to spend hours of loot or base building just to see it despawn in a server crash

How to be added on the WhiteList ?

Only whitelisted players can join the server

We want our players to have a good game experience, without trolls or unfair players, this is the main reason of using a WhiteList.

To be on the WhiteList, you have to be a registered member of this website and submit your profile to admin check.

Once your profile is checked & validate by an admin, you are instantly added to the WhiteList and can join the server.

We know, itโ€™s not a very handy registration process and everybody would prefer an easier & quicker process, but we want quality & fair gameplay, it requires a bit more of effort but in the end, we think that itโ€™s a good thing, for all of us.

Bad Version when trying to connect to the game server

Please, double check your mods installation and the branch of the game you are on.
TEP is o the stable up-to-date branch of the game

Does the game server auto-restart ?

Yes, every 3 hours. Restart time are : 00h,03h,06h,09h,12h,15h,18h,21h.
Time is accelerated x3 on daytime, x6 on night time.

How to register an account to The Evocatus Projekt ?

To register an account, simply click the button on the register page, it’ll open a Steam popup, where you’ll have to login to Steam, then accept the connexion between Steam & The Evocatus Projekt and voila !

Are there other mods that are going to be installed in the future ? And how do you select mods to be installed ?

Yes more mods will come later.
We only select mods that fix vanilla game issues or that bring interesting content to the server.
If you know a mod that we can install or at least try, let us now ๐Ÿ™‚

What gear is required to go in an infected area without taking damages ?

Infected areas are deadly toxic for human, but if you have the proper equipment, you can survive.
Gas Mask is the best gear you can find, it provides a 100% protection against gas and viruses.
GP5 Gas Mask protects too, but not without small damages.

Still have questions ? Feel free to ask in the support channel of our Discord Server
The Evocatus Projekt is a DayZ SA Server opened to all fairs players.
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