Mods required

Our server uses mods, to improve your game experience or to add cool features. Be aware we only use stable and trusted mods.
  • Weapon Redux Pack
    This mod’s aims is to bring back most if not all of the guns missing to .63 back into the game in a placeholder state, as well as some other guns from the game files that have never been in game until now.
  • Builder Items
    is required so we can add some new cool features on the world
  • Build anywhere
    this mod will remove colision detection on ghosts, which will allow you to place all base building elements virtually anywhere you wish.
  • Evocatus Billboards & Signs
    This mod adds 6 new Billboards and 3 new wood signs to the game.
  • Disable Base Destruction
    why spending hours building a cool base if it can be taken down easily ? Disable Base Destruction is a simple mod that disabled destruction of base building elements from the outside. This still allows Deconstruction from the inside.
  • Zombies-Health-rebalance
    This mod aims to rebalance zombies health to be less random.
  • Inventory Plus
    This mod allows you to be able to move whilst you have your inventory open!
  • Evocatus Server Tools
    some required utilities we made, nothing fancy but required to play on our server.
  • Trader
    This Mod brings AI Trader, Tradercitys and Safezones to DayZ!
  • RPCFramework
    This framework allows the use of cross mod RPC calling, better defining of the functions and is less prone to errors with mismatching RPC ID’s
  • OP_BaseItems
    The goal is to bring a few items to the game to make bases feel a little more like “Home”
  • FixedStacking
    Planks & Sheet Metal now stack to 20 properly without doing any rigging, and Logs stack to 4 properly.
  • Custom NBC Suits
    This Mod adds new NBC Suit Textures.
  • Gold Nuggets
    This Mod adds gold nuggets to the world.
  • Sneaky Stashes and Stuff
    This mod uses current in-game models and custom ones, adding more than 30 new place able objects ranging between Base building structures, Decorations, Static World Containers, and many more random goodies.
  • Code Lock
    This is a completely re-vamped, UI-based, Combination Lock.
  • Lucille
    Baseball Bat, Barbed wire, Guts … yummy
  • dbo_surfaces
    Allows for better friction on ChernarusPlus ,Cars can now really go 4×4 Offroad .
  • Evocatus Wallet
    Adds a cool wallet to secure ingame money.
  • dbo_surfaces
    Allows for better friction on ChernarusPlus ,Cars can now really go 4×4 Offroad .
  • Dark Backpack Retextures
    This is a simple retexture of the Taloon (Camping) and Mountain Backpack. It includes black, dark green and olive versions, 6 new backpacks in total.
  • Straat CamoPack for DayZ
    Add camo for multiple item in-game.
  • Modern’s Drinks
    New drinks can you can found around in Chernarus.
  • BreakLockedDoors
    This mod allows to break doors that are locked, like in old versions.
  • MoreGuns
    MoreGuns is a well named mod that attempts to increase the armory of DayZ even further than it is now, while maintaining as high of a level of quality and polish as currently possible with the current modding support.
  • PaintedMask
    new dust & gas mask
  • DS_Temperature
    This mod simply brings back player temperature from 0.62
  • DS_NVG
    Adds functionality to the night vision goggles in the DayZ game files.
  • DS_AmmoCrafting
    This mod adds the ability to dismantle ammo into materials used to craft other ammo.
  • Uaz_Buhanka_3303
    This mod adds the Uaz 3303 Off-road truck, known by many as the “tadpole”.

All mods listed above are required, no exception. We recommend you to use DAYZ Launcher, it make mods management easier..

The Evocatus Projekt is a DayZ SA Server opened to all fairs players.
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