Please, read the following rules.
You have to respect them, at any time and under any circumstances.
Nobody can ignore these rules.
  • Common Rules

    Respect yourself, firstly and above everything, respect the others.
    We all are here to enjoy good time, please try to stay a good & fair player.
    Always use a correct language, insults of any type are not tolerated (can be tolerated in a RP gameplay).
    Racial slurs and/or sexual harassment (verbal and/or visual) are prohibited!

  • Game Server Rules
    No Cheat / Hacks / Glitchs / Dupe

    Cheating is strictly forbidden ! Any type of cheat will be lead to a ban, permanent.
    By cheat, we mean any type of non legit action that gives one player an advantage on other players.
    Combat logging is not allowed.

    Don’t be a jerk!

    If you don’t know where is the border between being a jerk or no, consider not doing others what you won’t allow them to do to you.
    Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated (despawing base, spawn killing, et cetera).

    Bandit / Friendly

    On TEP Server, monday, wednesday, friday and sunday are friendly days, which means KOS (kill on sight) is strictly forbidden outside combat zones.
    Tuesday, thursday & saturday are bandit days, which means KOS is allowed, anywhere in Chernarus except in safe zones.

    Role Play

    Role playing is not mandatory, but encouraged. Always consider interacting over killing on sight, it’s good for your karma.

    Combat Zones

    Combat zones are selected areas where KOS is always allowed, a message ingame warns you when entering/leaving a combat zone.

    Safe Zones

    Safe Zones are selected areas where kill is strictly forbidden, if you kill a player in the safe zone, you will be kick & ban. a message ingame warns you when entering/leaving a safe zone.

    Base building

    You are free to build your base anywhere in Chernarus, except in combats & safe zones, which are visible on the map.

  • Communication Rules

    When in game, you have to use the game vocal chat over discord or teamspeak.

    No complain in public

    Do not complain about game issues in public.
    If you need to complain about something, whether it’s KOS, camp destruction or any other problem that may lead to controversy, don’t do it in public chat. Use the proper form, if you can not find the proper form, contact us.
    Discussing ban is not tolerated in public too.

    What happened in Chernarus, stays in Chernarus. Don’t bring the fight outside the game.

  • Website

    Player profile description, avatar, banner have to be safe for work, no exception.

    Comments & Rating

    Slurs, of any kind, are not tolerated in comments.

This rule list can be updated/modified at any time. Last update 01/22/2019 11:34 PM

The Evocatus Projekt is a DayZ SA Server opened to all fairs players.
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