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"I am Kansa Airsen, and my story does not end at death, nor does it begin at life. My story is always shaping, and it does not matter the name I go by, for it is still my story."- The Kansa Sorry, I'm a writer outside of gaming, and I wanted to give you a glimpse into a fantasy story I'm currently writing called "The Kansa". I've always loved storytelling, and DayZ has been the perfect fit for my RP storytelling. I would normally insert the biography of a character in one of my books that I had adapted for the Gents of Novo RPZ server back in 2015, but I did not wish to bore you with his extensive background. If you want it, I can send it to you, but all you need to know about me is; I am a storyteller who has a passion for RP and DayZ. I think TEP is the type of "RP" server DayZ needs right now, I just wish people would see it that way instead of seeing the player number decline on a daily basis.

Just in case you needed to know how much of an RPer I am, I've been part of; Gents of Novo RPZ, TheRedZone, ProphecyRP, AnarchyRP, DesolationRP, and RPRangerZ. All are great communities and I tend to bounce back and forth between ProphecyRP and RPRangerZ, and I'm sure I'll do that with this server as well.

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