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avatar mistaputt
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56 Deaths
7 570 Zombies Killed
460.0 Hours InGame

Survivor, i travel the whole Chernarus to find what i need.

I help others when i can but if i fear danger or a trap, i'll vanish in the bushes, i'm not a fighter, it's the end of the word, human should help each others, not fight.

You'll find me around Zelenogorsk.

avatar TraceDe_
Domina2402/21/2019 5:38 PM

The man in the orange raincoat ..
This man is a very good player, friendly, shoot only if his life or that of his allies is in danger.
Every adventure with Mista is a good time !! Only be careful, with the car do not end up in a river! lol
(Again sorry for my bad english, but I try ;) )

avatar mistaputt
Mista02/25/2019 1:23 AM

The car in the river wasn't entirely my fault, that bridge was so sleepy ... Thanks again for your help and your driver skills :)

avatar Alexandre644
[POLICE] Alexandre04/21/2019 7:05 PM

Good player and helpful !

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