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Je suis un Américain francophone ayant vécu à Paris pendant 13 ans.

I am interested in the survival and community aspects of the game. I have never actually shot at another player and would certainly not kill on sight (KOS). On the other hand I have been shot at and killed an uncountable number of times by other players - mostly for just minding my own business.

Although there are a few pathological individuals who for some reason get a thrill out of murdering other players, I have found that most of the players I have encountered on the Evocatus Projekt share my philosphy. For me, the base-building and social connections, working with other players against the zombies is what brings me back to the game and uniquely to this server.

My brother "Mebbleschmidt" and I share a base and would be happy to help out other players or join them on adventures.

Commentaires des joueurs
avatar Spikey
Mebbleschmidt10/03/2019 8:21 PM

No greater friend, no a greater foe. It's up to you: what kind of relationship you will have with ... Le Beastouri (sic)!